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Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides - December 2, 2023

Experience the Magic of the Annual Christmas Market
Mark your calendars for a day of festive joy! Join us on Saturday, December 2nd, as we gather to celebrate our annual Christmas market, now hosted in our bigger and improved space. This year promises to be more enchanting than ever, with a plethora of delightful activities and treats for the entire family.
Highlights of the Day:
- Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides: Experience the wonder of the season with charming horse-drawn carriage rides. Let the gentle clip-clop of hooves and the crisp winter air transport you to a magical world.
- Fireside Festivities: Cozy up around a roaring fire as you sip on a variety of festive drinks that will warm your heart and spirit. It's the perfect setting for cherished conversations and shared laughter.
- Gluten-Free Bake Sale: Satisfy your sweet tooth with delectable gluten-free treats at our bake sale. Discover mouthwatering desserts that cater to various dietary preferences while supporting a great cause.
- Santa Claus Photos: Capture the essence of the season with heartwarming photos with Santa Claus himself. These special moments can be cherished for years to come, and all donations will benefit the local charity, "Magic of Christmas."
- Local Vendor Delights: Explore a vibrant array of local vendors offering handcrafted treats, unique gifts, and artisanal delights. Discover one-of-a-kind treasures and support talented artisans from our community.

Live Music: Immerse yourself in the enchanting sounds of live music that will fill the air with holiday cheer. Let the melodies create a festive atmosphere that lifts your spirits and adds to the magic of the day.
This annual Christmas market is a cherished tradition that brings our community together to celebrate the joy and wonder of the holiday season. Don't miss out on this opportunity to create lasting memories and experience the true spirit of Christmas.
Join us on December 2nd and let the magic of the season fill your heart with warmth and delight. See you there!
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