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Who We Are

Looking for quality music lessons in Calgary? Look no further than Cornerstone Music Cafe! Co-owned by Sylvia and Jim Johnston, our innovative approach to music education sets us apart from other music schools in the area.


At Cornerstone Music Cafe, we pride ourselves on the expertise of our highly qualified instructors and our commitment to designing engaging, fun, and personalized lessons for each individual student. Our private and group lessons cover a wide variety of instruments, including piano, violin, drums, percussion, guitar, bass, woodwinds, and brass. We believe that music has the power to shape a child's future, whether they choose to pursue music professionally or simply enjoy it as a hobby.


But that's not all we offer at Cornerstone Music Cafe. Our cafe provides a cozy and inviting space for parents to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a tasty treat while their children are in lessons. Our cafe has a rich history, having previously operated as a traditional music studio for 20 years before the cafe opened. As a community hub, we also offer a diverse menu featuring dishes from around the world, including British, Italian, Indian, Mexican, Thai, African, and American cuisines. We offer takeout, delivery, and catering services to ensure that our customers can enjoy our delicious food wherever they are.


At Cornerstone Music Cafe, we are passionate about the power of music and food to bring people together. Come visit us and experience the harmony of music and cuisine!



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Food, Community, and Music

We are renowned for serving delicious, locally-sourced homemade food. We have special dietary options, including gluten-free sweets, low carb, and vegan food. Relax at our cafe while sipping some hot coffee. In addition to serving cafe-style food all day, we teach music and regularly host live music featuring local artists.

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