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Join our drum classes at Cornerstone Music Cafe to enjoy the fundamentals of drumming while you explore rhythm, reading, and rock drumming. With our professional drum lessons in Calgary, you can develop your coordination as you count, clap, and tap your way around the drums. Our instructors will guide you through the essentials of rhythm and technique that will help you in preparing for a performance. Whether you play solo or perform with others, our drum lessons will definitely boost your confidence. Besides, our lessons also offer you opportunities to either jam with other musicians in a rock band setting or perform solo in one of our recitals. If you want to have more information about these opportunities, contact us today!


Jim Johnston, a highly accomplished musician from Alberta, has a wealth of experience and education under his belt. He completed his studies at Humber College's performance program and honed his skills further with some of the finest jazz musicians at The Banff International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music. Additionally, Jim received private instruction from renowned drummers across various genres, such as Joey Baron, Owen Howard, Ted Warren, Paul DeLong, and Ray Garraway.

As a result of his diverse background, Jim frequently performs with a wide range of esteemed groups and artists, including the Calgary Jazz Orchestra, Theater Calgary, The Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, Revv52, Tim Tamashiro, and The Hello Darlins, among others.

Aside from his active performance schedule, Jim also manages his own music school and cafe, Cornerstone Music Cafe. He maintains a busy teaching schedule, which allows him to take on multiple roles such as mentor, teacher, entrepreneur, father, husband, and performer. Through his various endeavors, Jim is committed to fostering a vibrant and thriving cultural environment for both young and professional musicians in Calgary.

Jim Johnston


Adam Esposito is known for his active role as an accomplished musician, sharing the stage with the likes of BB King, The Tragically Hip, 54/40, and the theatre production company Stage West. Adam started playing drums at age 13 and started teaching privately at the age of 16.

Adam Esposito


Ben Montgomery is a  Scottish-born drummer who has recently moved to Calgary to pursue his teaching and music career. Having taught privately for eight years, Ben is extremely proficient in not only the practical components of music but also the theory behind the songs. He holds a degree in Music Business from North Glasgow College as well as a BA Honours Music degree in Popular Music: Business, Production, and Performance from Edinburgh Napier University. He has toured Europe and Canada with the rock band Atlas Empire, worked as a percussionist with The Innerleithen Orchestra on musicals such as Wizard of Oz, Guys and Dolls, and South Pacific. Most recently, he has been touring the world working as a drummer on Carnival Cruise Ships. Ben is thrilled to continue to share his love for music with his students at Cornerstone Music Cafe.

Ben Montgomery


Edison is a Calgary based musician and producer with 20 years of experience playing drums and 10 years of experience teaching music. Although his primary instrument is drums, he also plays piano, bass, guitar, and synthesizer. He plays in a band called "Howells" and produces his own music (and videos) on the side. His musical focus these days is combining video art and psychedelic music to create immersive audiovisual experiences. He graduated with a BFA in Electroacoustic Studies from Concordia University in 2018 and has been working as a musician, video editor, and music teacher ever since.

Edison Grove


Derek Haussecker is a musician and artist from Calgary, Alberta. He has been playing drums for over 15 years and performing live for the past 5+ years. He is a core member of local indie r&b act, Bad Bodies, as well as touring percussionist for experimental rock artist, Yves Jarvis. He has an eclectic knowledge of music and plays a variety of styles including rock, r&b, funk, afrobeat, d&b, bossa nova, experimental and jazz. He focuses on keeping lessons fun and engaging to ensure students stay excited about drumming. While offering useful exercises to enable students of various skill levels to learn in their own time outside of lessons.

Edison Grove


Embark on a rhythmic odyssey guided by the expertise of Spencer Brown, a dedicated drumming enthusiast with over a decade of immersive study in the world of percussion. Spencer's passion for the drums is your gateway to unlocking the next tier of your musical prowess.


As a classically trained drummer with an insatiable appetite for metal and progressive rhythms, Spencer bridges the gap between tradition and innovation. His drumming style is a vibrant tapestry woven from the raw power of metal and the intricate patterns of progressive beats, creating a dynamic fusion that will leave a lasting impression.

Intriguingly, jazz holds a special place in Spencer's repertoire, adding a layer of versatility to his approach. The syncopated rhythms and fluidity of jazz effortlessly blend with his core styles, enriching your drumming journey with a touch of sophistication and improvisational finesse.


Whether you're a fresh-faced beginner stepping into the world of drumming or a seasoned player seeking refinement, Spencer is your ally. His teaching philosophy revolves around nurturing growth at every level. With patience and a personalized touch, he helps you enhance your skills, embrace your unique style, and amplify your drumming potential.

A true musician isn't just about hitting the right notes; it's about cultivating a keen musical ear. Spencer's guidance extends beyond drumming techniques. He empowers you to listen deeply, interpret nuances, and develop an intuitive connection with the music—a skill that transcends percussion and enriches your overall musicality.

Join Spencer Brown in a harmonious partnership to awaken the drummer within you. Unleash your creativity, refine your rhythms, and journey towards becoming a well-rounded musician.

Spencer Brown


Cameron is a young instructor with a decade of drumming experience. He is passionate about the instrument and is as dedicated to his own growth & development as he hopes his students will be. Cameron’s primary focus is rock music, but he enjoys a variety of styles, including pop and jazz.


Cameron is studying astrophysics at the University of Calgary, and is pleased to invest in his students’ musical journeys at the same time!

Cameron Compton


Whether you want to learn how to play a ukulele, guitar, piano, or violin, we offer music lessons to both beginners and advanced students.

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