Delicious Gluten-free Food in Calgary

Are you looking for a place to relax and have a cup of coffee or meal while your children attend music classes? Visit Cornerstone Music Cafe. We have an extensive menu with special dietary options such as vegan and gluten-free in our Calgary cafe. We are a licensed cafe also offering music classes to people of all ages. Contact us to learn more.


Breakfast Menu

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Drink Menu


Listed below are the services we offer:

  • Breakfast

  • Dinner

  • Dessert

  • Takeout

  • Catering


  • Live entertainment


You can choose from the range of cuisines we offer:

  • British

  • American dinner

  • Italian

  • Indian

  • Thai

  • Mexican

  • African

Special Dietary Options

We have the following options for you to choose from:

  • Gluten-free

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

  • Low carb

Breakfast Menu

Create everything from scratch | Entire menu can be gluten-free | Source good local food


Toast and preserves $4.00

  • Two slices of artisan multigrain toast, served with homemade preserves.

Good morning egg and quinoa bowl $12.95

  • Quinoa topped with a dollop of butter, fresh spinach, two scrambled eggs, and cherry tomatoes. Try it with bacon.

Creamy quinoa breakfast bowl $11.25

  • Quinoa topped with steamed whole or almond milk, Saskatoon berries, almond slivers, cinnamon, and honey.

Two eggs and toast $9.90

  • Two eggs done any style, served with artisan multigrain toast. Even better with Spragg's bacon or farmers sausage.

Mediterranean egg wrap $10.45

  • Two scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato, garlic, and cheddar cheese in a tortilla wrap.

Scottish breakfast sandwich $12.35

  • One fried egg, potato slices, cheddar cheese, and bacon on a multigrain croissant.

Tuscan eggs and toast $12.75

  • Two eggs poached in our house-made bruschetta, topped with fresh spinach and goat cheese. Served with artisan multigrain toast for dipping. Great with chorizo.

Huevos spicy egg tacos $8.95

  • Three corn tortillas, stuffed with cheddar cheese, quinoa, spinach, and two scrambled eggs. Topped with Valentina salsa.


  • Spragg's bacon $4.95 | Spragg's Farmers Sausage $4.95 | Chorizo $4.95 | Egg $1.50 | Toast $3.80 | Homemade preserves $0.75

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Create every item from scratch | Every item can be gluten-free | Source good local food

Side salad $6.25

  • Ask server about our daily salad choices

Entree salad $12.25

  • Ask server about our daily salad choices

Homemade soup $5.75

  • Ask server about our daily soup choices

Daily creation $12.50

  • Chef's choice of hot entree. Ask server about our daily selection

Mediterranean egg wrap $10.45

  • Two scrambled eggs, spinach, tomato, garlic, and cheddar cheese, in tortilla wrap

Beef kabob panini $11.75

  • Two Indian style beef patties on a naan bread with fresh spinach, cheddar cheese, and tzatziki sauce

Grilled cheese croissant $10.75

  • Cheddar and Gouda with arugula and roasted tomatoes on multigrain croissant

Falafel vegetable wrap

  • Spinach, carrots, pickled onions, quinoa, almond hummus, and two falafels. Served with tzatziki sauce

Gouda mac and cheese $10.75

  • Creamy Gouda cheese sauce with caramelized onion, roasted tomatoes, and rice pasta

Chorizo tacos $12.50

  • Three corn tortillas filled with cheddar cheese, quinoa, spinach, and chorizo. Topped with Valentina salsa


  • Mango Lassie $6.50 | Very Berry Green $6.50 | The Beats $6.50

Drink Menu

We proudly serve local beverages by Tea Affair, Rosso Coffee, Grounded Organic Tea, Village Beer, and Nk' Mip Wine.


Hot Drinks (8oz/12oz/16oz)

Americano/Pour over

  • $2.60 / $3.31 / $3.80

Latte/Cappuccino/Flat white

  • $3.80 / $4.29 / $4.80


  • $4.75 / $5.50 / $6.00

Hot cocoa/Hot Mayan cocoa

  • $3.95 / $4.45 / $5.00


  • $3.15

Chai latte/Tea latte

  • $3.95 / $4.45 / $5.00


  • $2.75 / $3.25 / $3.75


  • Single $2.25 / Double $3.00

Cold Drinks (20oz)


Iced latte

  • $4.50

African ginger drink

  • $4.50

Iced tea

  • $4.00

Italian espresso soda

  • $4.75

Italian soda

  • $3.95

Beer and Wine


Village beer

  • $7

6oz house wine

  • $6

9oz house wine

  • $9

Feature Bottle of Wine



  • $37

Enjoy Delicious Food

Treat yourself to a variety of dishes at our live music cafe.

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