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Learning to play the violin not only comes with the benefit of learning it, but it also assists in developing other areas crucial to playing a range of musical instruments. These areas include rhythmic skills, finger dexterity, pitch recognition, and ear training. If you’re looking for an experienced and skilled violin teacher, we are the right choice for you! Our talented teacher, Natalia Arroyo, offers professional violin lessons in Calgary. With our lessons, you will learn the correct instrument and bow positioning, as well as reading and playing violin sheet music. Talk to us for more information.


Noah Born's musical journey began at the tender age of 5 when he embarked on classical viola lessons. Since then, he has been honing his skills as a string musician and sharing his passion for music with others.

Having played the viola with the renowned Mount Royal Conservatory Junior Orchestra, Noah's experience in ensemble performance has been invaluable to his growth as a musician. Currently, he actively contributes his talents as a member of the Bishop Carroll High School Virtuosi Strings, further refining his artistry and inspiring fellow students.


Noah's musical pursuits expanded when he joined the Bow Valley Fiddlers at the age of 11, discovering a new love for the violin. In 2021, his remarkable talent led him to successfully audition for the esteemed Calgary Fiddlers, an achievement that showcases his dedication and exceptional skills. As a member of the Calgary Fiddlers, Noah has embraced countless opportunities to perform across Alberta, as well as in Vancouver, the United States, and Spain, further broadening his musical horizons and nurturing his versatility.


Alongside his commitment to music, Noah is currently completing his high school education, which has instilled in him a deep understanding of the value of well-roundedness. During his spare time, he enjoys engaging in activities such as swimming, kayaking, and spending quality time with friends, fostering a balanced lifestyle that enhances his creativity and perspective as a musician.


Noah firmly believes that learning to play a stringed instrument is an extraordinary talent that is accessible to anyone with dedication and guidance. As a music instructor, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge, nurturing students' musical abilities, and inspiring them to explore the beautiful world of strings. With his diverse experiences, technical proficiency, and genuine enthusiasm for teaching, Noah creates a supportive and engaging learning environment, empowering students to embrace their own musical journeys.

Noah Born's commitment to music, extensive performance background, and belief in the transformative power of music education make him an exceptional music instructor. Through his guidance, students can develop their skills, unlock their musical potential, and embark on a lifelong love affair with music.

Noah Born


“Music is my past, present and future, and I believe that music can change your life in the best way.”

Dasha Krasnozhen has performed internationally, including performances in Sweden, Slovakia, Ukraine and Poland as a soloist with the prestigious “Shchedryk Choir.” She has played First Violin in the orchestra, and her other local projects include the rock band “Cracked Pots.” Prior to moving to Calgary, she performed in musicals, festivals and competitions in Ukraine.

Dasha comes from a family of talented music educators, and she began her own teaching practice in 2019. She is a student at Central Memorial High School in the Visual Performance Art Program, and she is enjoying her soloist life as a voice and violin performer.



David is a trumpet player, guitarist, composer, and educator in Calgary. He holds a Bachelor of Music in Jazz from Capilano University. He began studying trumpet in his teens, which led him to major in trumpet studies in university. He has also studied guitar for 11 years from age 12, and it has remained his secondary instrument throughout his degree with classical, rock, and jazz guitar styles continuing to be a focus in his musical career. As an educator, David has taught guitar and trumpet at studios throughout the lower mainland in BC and enjoys sharing his passion for music with students of all ages, abilities and levels. He believes that students all learn differently and that in addition to helping students through the various elements of advancing their musicality, a teacher is also there to help students learn how to effectively practice (so that they may achieve these goals when they are away from the studio). David’s lessons are tailor-made to each student to ensure they may advance in the areas they are focused on while at the same time diversifying their skills.



Gaby started playing violin at age 3. She has been a member of Mount Royal University’s (MRU) Junior Orchestra Program, MRU Conservatory Strings, the Calgary Fiddlers, and the prestigious Calgary Youth Orchestra (CYO) where she played as a concertmaster and a soloist for the 2019-2020 season. With the CYO, she performed internationally in Hungary, Austria and Poland in 2018. She has also participated in MRU’s Academy Program for Young Artists and the Amici String Program, through which she played in master classes and chamber groups. She enjoys musical outreach and is involved in performing for seniors, patients, and children around Calgary.


Gaby is an incoming second year Kinesiology student at the University of Calgary. She is also pursuing a minor in Violin Performance and enjoys playing in the university orchestra.



Born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Lana showed interest in music from an early age and began classical training at the Royal Conservatory of Music at the age of 7, under which she is currently completing her grade 10 piano. In addition, she has been playing trombone for the past six years during which she has been a part of wind ensembles, brass ensembles, and jazz bands, which have had great success in regional festivals. In her spare time throughout the last year, Lana has picked up the cello and has been enjoying expanding her musical capabilities.

Lana is continuing her music education through a bachelor of music program. She is passionate about working collaboratively with her students to foster musical experiences that will benefit them both within their musical studies, as well as other aspects of their lives.

Nena Chavez


Whether you want to learn how to play a ukulele, guitar, piano, or violin, we offer music lessons to both beginners and advanced students.

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