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Get in touch with Cornerstone Music Cafe for professional piano lessons in Calgary. Whether you want to learn to play the piano for the enjoyment of it or receive accreditation from the Royal Conservatory of Music, we can help. Our team of qualified and talented piano instructors can offer lessons for both beginners and advanced students. Be it classical or modern, we have a teacher for all the styles you want to learn. You can jam with other musicians in a rock band setting or perform solo in our recitals. Give us a call today to talk to our teachers.

Oaitse Hellard - Voice and Piano

Oaitse Hellard - coined as Ms. Oäi, is known for soulful jazz stylings reminiscent of the late greats such as Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan. Born in Botswana but raised here in Calgary, Oaitse has been trained classically in Piano and Voice. She has performed at the Jubillee Auditorium opening as a soloist with a Gospel Choir for Ms. Coretta Scott King and has been singing with The Ray Charles Tribute Orchestra for the last 7 years and performing with Grammy Award winner Donald Ray Johnson. Her latest project performing in Jazz Band The X-Oäi-Z’s with Johnny Summers, Tyler Hornby, John Gray, and Stephen Fletcher she brings on this Classic Jazzy notes.

Jan Sullivan - Piano

Jan has been teaching piano and theory lessons for over 15 years with students from ages 5 to 65. She offers creativity and enjoyment that keep her students returning year after year.


Classically trained and having completed the Royal Conservatory of Music’s Certificate in Teaching Elementary Piano, Jan has successfully guided many students through the Royal Conservatory of Music levels and is also happy to work with students in whatever genres might interest them.


A lifelong learner, Jan continues to study at the ARCT level. Her teaching philosophy maintains that a teacher is most effective when personally growing and learning.


Born and raised just outside of Leduc, Alberta, Carly started playing music at the age of 6, taking piano lessons for 10 years and falling in love with the worlds of blues and jazz. Graduating from The Royal Conservatory of Music with Grade 8 piano, Carly went on to attend Grant MacEwan University for Vocal Performance in Music. Carly is currently working toward recording her first full-length album as she continues teaching private lessons, heading into her 4th year of teaching. Carly is passionate about building relationships with her students and fostering a love of music that is rooted in each students’ identity and individuality.


Kaitlyn Southgate is a pianist, guitarist, vocalist, and Music Therapist originally from Okotoks. She fell in love with music at a young age when her grandmother would play the organ and teach Kaitlyn little bits here and there. Her formal music training began with classical piano and soon expanded to include guitar, exploring the music of all genres! This love of music brought her to study Music Therapy at Acadia University, where she learned how different aspects of music could be used to help clients work toward a wide variety of goals that may be related to behavioural, communicative, emotional, social, verbal, and/or musical needs.


Born, raised, and living in Calgary, AB, Thompson started showing interest in piano when he was 5 years old and began his formal training when he was 8. A student and then a teacher at the United Conservatory of Music (UCOM) for 10 years, he learned and taught piano under the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum. He also performed at UCOM's United Music Festival for multiple years during that time and won numerous awards for his performances.

Thompson's aim is to collaborate with his students to find and hone their passions, cultivate their talents, and achieve their goals, be it for personal, educational, and/or performative purposes. He wants to help them transform their love of music into the production they want to see (and hear)!


Sage has been playing piano since the age of 6 and started teaching at the age of 15. She is passionate about giving others the skills they need to express themselves through music. She believes that learning music gives you many skills outside of the ability to play an instrument such as resiliency, coordination, and self-expression. From past teaching experience, she has learned that allowing her students to take charge of their learning encourages them to be self-motivated and engaged in their lessons. Some of Sage’s strong qualities as a piano teacher are adaptability, patience, and knowledge. Outside of teaching piano, she enjoys playing bass guitar in a band with her friends, reading books, cooking and learning new things. She is also fluent in ASL!



Pardis Abbasnejad has been playing piano since the age of 4. At the Royal Conservatory of Music, she has completed up to Level 8 and is currently in the process of completing level 9 RCM.

Pardis LOVES the piano. It’s able to sound fleeting and effervescent in one instant and gritty and powerful in the next - that’s what she enjoys the most about it. She also enjoys playing piano because of the emotional connection she makes with this instrument while playing it, and she loves to foster that same passion further in her students.

Other than piano, Pardis plays competitive volleyball, loves the outdoors and reading. Her goal for teaching piano is to help students reach their goals (help them see and hear what they want to achieve), love the piano (just as much as she loves it), and make sure that they always have fun.


Melissa Deang is a Calgary-based musician, artist, photographer, and teacher with a bachelor's degree in fine arts. Being a dedicated, life-long learner herself, Melissa has found great joy in teaching students of all ages to play piano for the past twelve years. Melissa’s warm personality and two decades of experience playing the piano (including her participation in many piano competitions) have made her teaching style as effective as it is affable. As a loving Aunt and true child-at-heart, Melissa is able to create a learning environment young people respond to. As she works towards her own musical goals, Melissa continually discovers new methods for inspiring and motivating her students by relating her own learning experiences to her lesson plans.


Tom is a versatile veteran instructor. With 20 years of teaching under his belt, this straight shooter has methods to suit a variety of interests. For those seeking a classical approach, Tom has RCM Grade 10 in piano, and for those looking to explore Rock, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Country, or even the obscure, he can mentor students on several different instruments!

When he’s not teaching, Tom can be found composing, practicing, or even simply listening to music. (It’s a real passion!) Other interests include reading, writing, playing pool, or having a bite and watching the game!

Joanna Tjia - PIANO & Theory

Joanna Tjia has been classically trained with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (UK) since she was 7. She has won several prizes in piano contests in Hong Kong. She started teaching piano 20 years ago and successfully prepared her students for piano exams from elementary to advanced levels with the ABRSM. She has taught students from 3 to 60 years old of various levels, from basic scales to classical overtures and pop songs. She is good at accommodating her teaching styles to fit students’ individual needs. Joanna thinks compassion, communication, and encouragement are as essential to imparting musical knowledge as technical skills. With her knowledge and experience in early childhood education, she is particularly passionate about teaching young beginners to play piano using a fun approach. She is happy to see her students grow up with music and develop lifelong interests.

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