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Cornerstone Music Cafe and KLM Music are pleased to announce that we are joining forces to expand our learning community. This is an exciting time for both employees and our clients! Our greatest asset has always been the people that make up our community. By joining forces we increase the depth as well as the quality of that asset. Both Cornerstone and KLM strive to create positive inclusive environments for students of all ages whether in studio, in-home, individually or in groups.

KLM and Cornerstone believe that performance is a key part of musical education. Taking you from ‘Student/Studio to Stage’ is our goal. Our unique space that is both an intimate venue as well as music school allows us to create these opportunities. We know that community is key to the creative, fun experiences that mold well-rounded students. We look forward to working closely with our team of teachers, students, guardians and parents to ensure this transition is a positive value-added experience. Enhancing our collaborative ability to provide the highest standard of musical instruction while satisfying the needs of our valued clients is our goal. We are excited to embark on this new partnership adventure! We hope you will be as proud as we are to be founding a one of a kind culture in taking this step together. Inquire now or learn more about Cornerstone Music Cafe. Fun Fact: Between both companies, we have 48 years of combined music instruction experience! KLM Started in 1997. Cornerstone Music started in 1989.


We are excited to announce as of January 1, 2020, KLM Music will be merging with Cornerstone Music Café! Cornerstone has a long history of serving the community with music education, community events, live music, and the added bonus of delicious food and beverages! We are looking forward to joining forces to create a positive, inclusive environment for students of all ages in our valued music community.


You should not expect any changes to your music lesson experience. Your teacher is still your music mentor, and you’ll have the same support from us in the office. Our offices are merging, so please read on for our new contact info! We are looking forward to joining forces with a company that values music and community as much as we do!


Performance is a key part of music education, and we’re thrilled about our new home at Cornerstone Music Café, which is an intimate live music venue as well as a music school. KLM Music and Cornerstone will take our students from the Studio to the Stage, building community, creating unique opportunities, and offering fun experiences that mold well-rounded students. Cornerstone Music Café (our new home) is located in the SE community of Deer Ridge, just a hop skip and jump from our current location. We encourage you to check it out! >>


As of Monday, December 9, we will share a phone number with Cornerstone Music. Please reach us at 403-278-3070. In the New Year, we’ll be at the new physical address: 14919 Deer Ridge Drive SE #139 Calgary, AB T2J 7C4. We look forward to even smoother planning and communication as we adopt more efficient scheduling tools. Starting in January, your fees will appear under the name “Cornerstone Music Café”. We care deeply about each student and are grateful that you’ve let us partner with you on your musical journey. We’re looking forward to this growth and meeting of the musical minds! Happy Holidays! Sylvia Johnston (Owner/Operator) Natalie Inga Gauthier (Office Manager)


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