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Storytelling Between Songs

Storytelling Between Songs


Musicians: Your audiences love to hear YOUR stories. Learn why they love your stories and how to make your stories transform your shows. 
Join former CBC Radio host Tim Tamashiro for this evening workshop designed to boost your presence and value on stage. Tim is a gifted entertainer with 30 years of performing experience. 
Tim has studied and learned the secrets of connecting with audiences. He has created a unique and effective way to bond musicians to their audiences. He shares his unique and effective approach for choosing stories that to matter to your audience. Learn how to choose the tales that will transform your songs. The spaces between songs are the most valuable real estate in any musicians performance. What you do with your spaces will leave a lasting impression on your fans. 


* 85% of all presenters want to hire great musicians that are gifted storytellers to interact with their audiences. The best storytellers get the most shows. 
* Storytelling connects musicians to audience members in personal bonds. 
* Most audiences will remember how "entertaining" a musician is over what songs they heard

Learn the three types of stories to tell your audience:
*Funny bone

Learn the five gifts of storytelling: 
1. The gift of brevity
2. The gift of laughter
3. The gift of personalization
4. The gift of learning
5. The gift of time well spent

If you want to raise your game on stage, then storytelling is guaranteed to do it. At this workshop you will be writing three stories. Come prepared to inspire! **Bring a notebook or smartphone to write stories with**

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