Cornerstone Music places high standards on our instructors and only employs the finest musicians to ensure that your children are getting the highest quality of instruction that they deserve. Our instructors are very dedicated to providing your children the best possible education in music, and want to share with them their knowledge and adoration for their craft.

Here at Cornerstone Music, it is very important to develop and maintain a consistent level of communication between instructor and parent. If the instructors need to discuss your child’s progress with you, they will do so at the beginning or the end of your child’s lesson.

In the event that a teacher is going to miss a lesson, the teacher will make every effort to find a suitable substitute teacher for that lesson. If the teacher cannot find a suitable replacement, the student will be given one of two choices:
Reschedule the lesson for another time
Receive a credit towards a future lesson in the upcoming month(s)
In the highly unlikely event that the teacher does not show up for a lesson (a much forbidden thing here at Cornerstone Music!) this is the only instance that a refund for a lesson is possible. Otherwise unfortunately, there are absolutely no refunds.

For whatever reason, if you must terminate your lessons at Cornerstone Music we will require one month’s notice. For example, if you wish to discontinue lessons for May, notice must be given on the payment due date for the previous month – in this case, no later than April 1st.

We realize occasionally, due to extenuating circumstances, plans change and students miss lessons. Unfortunately, we are still unable to give a refund but do not fret, we have created the ONE MAKE-UP LESSON PER YEAR GUARANTEE. This means that we will give you a make-up lesson free of charge before the end of lessons in June 2012. This does not mean every student is entitled to one free class– you have to actually miss a lesson to get this guaranteed make-up, as there is nothing to make-up if you faithfully come to class every week.

We apologize for this strict policy but in order to keep our high standard of teachers, we must give them some guarantee that they will be paid for lessons that are booked.

One final request: Please avoid being a no show. Any notice, even a call two minutes before a lesson is supposed to start is better than no call at all, although the sooner the better.

We appreciate your cooperation and look forward to making beautiful music together!

-Cornerstone Music Café